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Estantería Cantilever Exterior

Storage and handling of long loads

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The storage and handling of long loads in the logistics chain has some particularities that are given by the main characteristic of these loads, a peculiarity that gives its name to the type of load: its length in different lengths.

Storage of long loads

For the storage of long loads such as wooden boards, metal profiles, pipes… we have a system designed for the storage of these loads of different lengths, adaptable to different weights and measures: the cantilever racks.

Cantilever racks for the storage of long loads can be adapted to different needs depending on the quantity and type of load to be stored (light loads or heavy loads) and whether the storage is outside the warehouse or warehouse.

It is even possible to plan a self-supporting cantilever warehouse like the one in this picture.

Estantería Cantilever autoportante

Handling long loads in the warehouse

The handling of long loads in the warehouse can be carried out with front, side or multidirectional forklifts, but double or multiple keels must be used to increase the number of support points and achieve load balance. When the length of the loads exceeds the length of the forklift by more than 100%, the number of forks per point must be increased.

Multiple fork trucks are usually used when loads of various lengths or long loads and standardized pallets have to be handled.

Laminated goods

Laminated goods are sheets of sheet metal, plastic, float glass and asbestos. The main characteristic of these goods is their degree of flexibility, which in turn depends on the dimensions and thickness of the sheet.

When handling this type of long loads, two measures can be taken to avoid or reduce the effects of bending: a) use a greater number of forks or b) handle them on a platform.

Glass sheets are very fragile and have a lot of weight, which makes them a special case when it comes to handling.

They are handled with side-loading forklifts designed with a fork carriage as high as the loads and with support and protection elements. These forklifts also have a tilting system to slowly tilt the load and avoid any sudden movements due to the fragility that characterizes them.

Tubular goods

Tubular goods are rigid tubes, metallic or concrete coma and semi-rigid hard plastic tubes.

The plastic pipes are grouped into unit loads in cages of welded profiles and are handled with side-loading forklifts. They are stored by stacking cages on top of each other.

Metal pipes and concrete pipes are handled with forklifts equipped with spurs or hooks for medium-sized pipes and forks for large or heavy pipes. The storage of these pipes is done on the floor forming a pyramid.

Cylindrical goods

Cylindrical goods are those that are wound in the form of a coil, either directly or on a metal or wooden structure. Paper and cardboard reels, sheet metal reels and cable reels are the most common electrical C-goods in warehouses.

Paper and cardboard reels are handled with forklifts equipped with clamping and rotating clamps. They are stored vertically by placing one reel on top of the other.

Sheet metal coils can be handled directly or on pallets, although the biggest problem in handling this type of cylindrical goods is their weight. For this reason, larger coils of sheet metal are stored on the floor in a pyramid shape.

Cable drums can be of different types: steel cables or multi-core electrical and telephone cables. These cables are wound on large wooden or metal reels, each reel forming a unit load that is handled by forklifts, provided that they are provided with a hole in the center. If the coil does not have such a hole, they are handled by hugging them from the outside, for which the forklifts are fitted with arms with crane hooks or similar.

At Noega Systems we are dedicated to the design, manufacture, installation and inspection of metal and industrial shelving and all types of storage systems. If your company needs advice on this matter, do not hesitate to contact us.

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