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Mobile pallet racking

Mobile pallet racking

When the reduction of space is the fundamental design criteria of a logistics solution, the solution of industrial shelving on mobile bases is the right choice.

Racking on mobile bases is the ideal solutions for refrigerated stores where the cost of cubic meter cooling is critical. With racking on mobile bases the maximum compaction can be achieved reducing the overall volume of the warehouse.

Estantería sobre base móvil para paletas


Primary goal of this system is to multiply the storage capacity while reducing storage space by removing working aisles and maintaining direct access to all pallets.

It has a simple operation. The racking installed on mobile bases can be moved laterally across rails fixed to the ground, eliminating unnecessary corridors while maintaining direct and selective acess to each pallet unit stored. The requested aisle we need to access can be openned, either manually or by remote control, to access the pallet position required.

This system has an excellent space utilization that allows to store a large number of references, and can be combined with picking systems at low levels. And simultaneously provides security and convinience to warehouse workers.


Estantería sobre base móvil


he storage system on mobile bases consist of conventional pallet racking placed on bases moving laterally on the floor.

From an operational point of view, the operator through a remote control or manually activates the displacement of the mobile bases to open the requested aisle and access the required loading unit.

The bases that move on rails fixed to the floor of the warehouse, have all certifications and functionalities for proper and safe operation.

Meanwhile the pallet racking is designed and calculated taking into account the acceleration and deceleration produced by the movement of the mobile bases.


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