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Racking and shelving deteriorates with its use.

Damages on structural elements are not always visible (bumps, dents, torns, etc.) and are mainly produced during handling maneuvers while loading and unloading with handling equipment like lift trucks.


These damages may affect negatively the functionality, perfomance and loading capacities of your storage equipment, making them more insecure and dangerous.

The consequences may produce personal injuries, and in case of collapse even fatal accidents, damages on stored merchandise, interruptions and distortions in the service level given to your customers affecting the supply chain.

Through the ITE Racking Inspection of NOEGA Systems, it will be possible to locate critical points and damaged elements, that make your racking not secure and a dangerous equipment for people and for stored materials.

Which responsabilities do exist?

Racking equipment is classified as working equipment and according to health and safety regulations, they have to be inspected and documented regularly (Roytal Decrees, Technical Notes, norms and standards).



The legislator establishes that the promotor or the manager has to take care about having an active prevention policy in place, for people’s safety and for a proper maintenance of the working equipment like racking. They also have to provide adequate and ongoing training for workers.


The legislation states the obligation to have a safety and security plan where workers and management involved in the process of storage and use of the racking are established, and also establishing the responsibilities for maintenance and inspection of the same (see applicable regulations in the next section).

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