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Validation of storage systems

The validation for safe use of a storage equipment is the final aim of all our actions related with maintenance and inspection of the racking in our warehouses.

For the use and during the lifetime of your storage equipment they are subjected to conditions and modifications (damages, replacements, substitutions, changes in configuration, transfers, accidents, …), so that substantial alterations in their performance can occur. Under this circumstances revisions and actualizations to secure safe operations are increaseingly required.


Validation of use of storage equipment is the authorization by a competent person for the safe use of the storage equipment after verification of compliance with the partial technical, documentary and assembly validation, as well as the corresponding annual ITE racking inspection conducted by an expert.

All this is regulated by the norm UNE 58014 “Static steel racking. Validation of storage equipments”, that indicates a method to clearly identify and clasify the situation in which a particular storage equipment is in use at different stages fo the life of the racking.

Having validation for safe use of the storage system means that all relevant aspects beyond mere localization and correction of damage to the components off the racking, but it also fulfills with following requirements:

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