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Rack clad warehouses


Rack clad warehouses

Rack Clad Warehouses are systems designed to support the loading units, the exterior cladding, as well as wind, snow and seismic loads of the location where the warehouse is installed.

The very own racking structure constitutes the resitant structure of the warehouse building.

Rack clad warehouses or Silos constitute large engineering solutions, being the most adequate solution for storage in height. Profit from self supported structures avoiding civil construction of a conventional warehouse.

Sistemas de almacenaje autoportantes


Rack Clad Warehouses of Noega Systems allow to automate and maximize the profitability of your storage space, excellent adaptability to available space, loads and weights. We at NOEGA Systems count on the means and the experience to develop complex projects of high-bay warehouses. Our calculation and advanced design methods permit us to give response to the requirements raised by our customers.

Make your storage system self supporting and avoid civil construction of a conventional warehouse.

Automate and make your storage space profitable.




Biggest advantage of rack clad storage solution is the cost savings compared with the traditional in-house storage systems (construction of an industrial warehouse building and the installation of racking equipment inside).

Rack clad warehouses are automated solutions so that the profitability is given with high warehouses and a relevant amount of pallet positions.

Due to the fact that rack clad buildings are considered as civil constructions, they require CE marking accordig to the norm EN 1090:1 / 2009 “Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures“. Noega Systems has since June 3, 2014 the Certificate of Compliance issued by Lloyds Register under the number 0038/CPR/MAD/20140046/A after being subjected to scrutiny and analysis by the certifying agent.

For the design of free standing storage systems, it has to be considered the loading units stored together with the forces generated by the handling equipment (stacker cranes), and all outside forces applied on the warehouse: wind and snow loads, as well as the seismic loads when applicable depending on the location of the warehouse.

Additionally, the racking structure has to have supporting elements to fix the outer cladding.

Depending on the size of the rack clad building, the assembly time can reach several months.



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