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capacity of industrial pallet racking

Loading capacity of industrial pallet racking

Industrial racking for palletized goods or Adjustable Pallet Racking (APR), is the most common storage system to be found in our warehouses. The loading capacity of those storage systems depends on different factors explained with this article.

capacity of industrial pallet racking

Capacity of industrial pallet racking

Lots of product references stored. Few loading units per each reference. Counterbalanced and retract lift trucks. Those are normal conditions  in our company’s warehouses. In this scenario the most suitable storage system is the conventional pallet racking, also known as APR, Adjustable Pallet Racking.

Pallet racking production

Pallet racking production as a strategic value

The production of industrial steel racking permits the immediate access to manufacturing means and the control over the different production steps from the acquisition of raw material, quality management of production processes as well as the management of delivery times. 

All above mentioned points are key aspects to assure an accurate supply of racking equipment, and a guaranty of a high quality service standards to our customers.

Pallet racking production 

rack clad buildings

Rack clad storage systems, a self supported warehouse

Rack clad buildings are technologically advanced storage solutions that enable the storage of palletized goods on high heights (above 40 m.), serving both as storage system and as supporting building structure on which side and roof cladding are fixed.

rack clad building

One of the main characteristics of rack clad warehouses is that the racking makes up the resistant structure of the warehouse building.

These systems are designed to support the loading units, as well as the outer cladding, wind loads, snow loads or seismic actions corresponding to the location of the warehouse.

almacenaje de mercancías

Industrial steel racking: an introduction to storage systems (I)

When we talk about storage we refer to a set of processes aimed to store and preserve our stock in an optimize condition, ready to use, that span from the moment the goods are produced to the moment those goods are requested by our customers. Industrial racking provides the necessary equipment to receive, store and ship raw materials, in-process product and finished goods. Needless to say, that depending on the type of the material to be stored, the racking specification as well as the handling technology may vary.

As a preliminary step to the design of the storage system and the industrial racking, it is necessary to consider the specification of the materials to be stored, like dimensions, weight, durability or economic aspects.


Coventional pallet racking APR

The investment in storage equipment has a clear objective: the reduction of storage costs.

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