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ENAC Accreditation

Noega Systems is the first inspection entity accredited by ENAC under the accreditation number Nº 281/EI466, according to the criteria indicated with the norm EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012 CGA-ENAC-EI.

Noega Systems was declared an inspection entity type C, so that it can be involved in the design, manufacturing, delivery, assembly, use or maintainance of inspected installations or similar instalations of a third party, through organizational measures and documented procedures.

Certificado ENAC noega systems

Noega Systems is responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of the information obtained, the impartiality of its activities and independence required by the conditions under which it serves.

Noega Systems is authorized to use the ENAC mark on reports and certificates issued, that is ensuring compliance with accreditation requirements.

Noega Systems reports and issues certificates with ENAC brand, so that the customer benefits from multilateral agreements signed by ENAC for this activity.

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