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El valor de la ITE® Inspección Técnica de Estanterías de Noega Systems

The value of Noega Systems’ ITE® Racking and Shelving Technical Inspection

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Do you know the value of Noega Systems’ ITE® Racking Technical Inspection?

ITE® Racking Technical Inspection is a racking inspection method developed by Noega Systems based on the UNE EN 15635 standard.

Racking – as work equipment – is subject to compliance with current occupational safety regulations.

The legislation establishes that it is the employer, the owner or operator of the installation, who is responsible for ensuring an active prevention policy, for the safety of people and for the correct maintenance of work equipment such as racking. It is therefore important that you know why you have to inspect your racks and what your obligations and responsibilities are.

Our aim is to help you comply with current legislation and have safe storage facilities for both goods and people.

We are the first and only inspection body accredited by ENAC, the Spanish National Accreditation Body.

With our ENAC certification for the inspection activity you will have the guarantee that the ITE® method and the inspectors who carry out the inspections comply with the standards in force and that you have a partner with approved competence for the inspection of metal racking.

ITE® relieves you of the responsibility for the safety of your racking by handing it over to experts who will advise you on the actions to be taken.

The ITE® identifies potential weak points in your racks and complies with the latest state of the art in accordance with the applicable legal regulations.

The latest state of the art in the field of rack inspection is contained in the UNE-EN-15635 standard “Storage in metal racks. Application and maintenance of storage equipment”.

This standard establishes that it is mandatory for racks to be inspected at least once every 12 months by external, expert and independent inspection personnel. In order to comply with this requirement you must submit your racks to Noega Systems ITE®.

ITE® inspections are carried out by nationally and internationally accredited technical experts.

Experience shows that a damaged racking system can lead to the collapse of the installation almost instantaneously and without warning, which can cause serious consequences for people and property.

The damage and accidents suffered by racking due to impacts from handling equipment and loading units are not always visible, and can lead to excessive and dangerous deformations that alter the load capacities and reduce the performance of the racking.

Other actions such as location changes, relocations and changes in racking configuration can negatively affect the performance of your storage systems.

The storage systems subject to inspection are all those specified in the UNE 58011 standard “Storage in metal racks. Classification. Definitions. Terminology”.

At Noega Systems we inspect storage systems from all manufacturers, regardless of the origin or age of the racks.

We have a team and technicians specialised and expert in the inspection and validation of industrial racking. We can help you to maintain the safety of your installations and to get the most out of them by complying with current legislation and regulations. Contact us!

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