• Our boltless shelving, is a shelving system for manual loads characterized by its versatility, offering high strength and a quick and easy assembly.

    Boltless shelving can be adapted to all kinds of facilities, through professional use to home use.

    • The boltless shelving of Noega Systems is a very versatile system, easy to install and require no special tools for assembly.
    • Competitive shelving system that can be adapted for both domestic use and for the professional field.
    • Offer high strength.
  • Boltless shelving is an innovation in the storage industry achieving very high loading capacities and stability without the use of bolted joints.

    The special design of the junction of beams (horitontal elements) with the angles (vertical elements) gives to this union a very high stiffness, confering top-level quality to the product.

    Available is a light duty version of the shelving system made up of profiles in line with these load characteristics, as well as a medium and heavy duty load version with crossbar profiles and larger angles.

    The angles are drilled in the full height to locate the loading levels at the desired heights, and the range of beam lengths available provide answers to all common storage needs.

    It is a modular solution that can be adapted to the available space and storage requirements.

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