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We renew our Certificates in Quality Management and Labor Safety

At Noega Systems we are committed to a job well done and proof of this is that we have, since July 2012, a Quality Management System certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and with an Occupational Health and Safety Management System according to OHSAS 18001.

Both certificates approved at the time by the Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance are applicable to:

capacity of industrial pallet racking

Loading capacity of industrial pallet racking

Industrial racking for palletized goods or Adjustable Pallet Racking (APR), is the most common storage system to be found in our warehouses. The loading capacity of those storage systems depends on different factors explained with this article.

capacity of industrial pallet racking

Capacity of industrial pallet racking

Lots of product references stored. Few loading units per each reference. Counterbalanced and retract lift trucks. Those are normal conditions  in our company’s warehouses. In this scenario the most suitable storage system is the conventional pallet racking, also known as APR, Adjustable Pallet Racking.

Pallet racking production

Pallet racking production as a strategic value

The production of industrial steel racking permits the immediate access to manufacturing means and the control over the different production steps from the acquisition of raw material, quality management of production processes as well as the management of delivery times. 

All above mentioned points are key aspects to assure an accurate supply of racking equipment, and a guaranty of a high quality service standards to our customers.

Pallet racking production 

This may be happening with your racking

This may be happening with your racking right now

Racking and shelving suffer damages that can compromise the safety of this important equipment of our warehouses. Some of the damages may seem slight, but maintained over time and accumulated to other different damages can lead to dangerous and serious situations. Other damages are easy to identify but the actual risk they represent is more difficult to assess by an untrained eye.


Among the most common incidents identified during the realization of a racking inspection are:

Safety elements of industrial steel racking

Safety elements of industrial steel racking: preventive actions

Industrial racking plays a key role in our warehouses and are an indispensable equipment for proper operations in our companies. For a correct and safe functioning we summarize with this post the preventive actions and the safety elements to use with industrial racking and storage systems.

Pallet racking from Noega Systems

Conventional storage systems for palletized goods (pallet racking or APR) is work equipment that uncorrectly used can produce damages on the own racking, on handling equipment, on stored materials and goods, and injuries to workers and persons in general. For that reason, prior to starting using this equipment, it is higly recommended that the user pays special attention to both prevention actions and safety elements aimed to reduce risks.

CE marking of rack clad buildings

CE marking of rack clad buildings

In general terms, the CE marking of a product (European product conformity) and in this particular case the CE marking of rack clad buildings, proves that your product had been assessed and meets EU safety, health and environmental protection requirements, according to the European Directive 93/68/EEC.

Additionally, the CE marking means a technical harmonization, removing technical barriers between countries, and permitting the free circulation of goods within the territory of the European Economic Area (EEA), where all EU (European Union) members are included plus Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway.


But not all products have to be certified with CE marking. Only those products required by the European Union, that are specified in the corresponding directive or European regulation. This CE marking requirement can be applicable on both industrial products and final consumer goods.

Industrial steel racking

Industrial steel racking: a buyer’s guide

Industrial steel racking and shelving is an investment asset for companies, and is an essential equipment for performing operational and logistic tasks with productivity and safety guarantees. For proper decision making during the purchasing process of these equipment, it is important to know the basic fundamentals of storage systems and what factors must be taken into account for a correct buying decision.

Industrial steel racking

The acquisition of industrial racking and storage systems are in general strategic purchases for companies. The investment amounts can be high and logistic equipment has a long life and extended duration, with a significant relevance in the operation of our warehouses and in companies in general. For those reasons, wrong decisions can have a significant impact in a negative sense, and we suggest that at least below stated points should be taken into account by any purchase department or decision maker.

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