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Hanging garment racking


Hanging garment racking

The textile sector is experiencing a strong automation process of its logistic operations to keep pace with steady increasing competitive enviroment.

Through the warehouse automation, hanging garment storage solutions (stored clothing hung on hangs) are achieving high turnover ratios and high eficiency.

This storage solution is appropiate for handling high inventories of hanging garments, in high altitude and automatically operated.


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Automated hanging garment storage systems are conceived for the storage in height of clothing hung on hangs and operated by automated handling equipment.

Although the load units are not heavy, production and assembly tolerances are very strict due to the nature of the operations with the load units.

Load units consist of bars or tubes on which hangs with garments are hung. The bars with the clothing are handled by telescopic picking devices for the automated storage and retrieval of the load units.

The bars or tubes with the hanging garments are placed on special supports fixed to the racking structure.


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