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Multi tier shelving


Multi tier shelving

Create additional space and storage capacity in your existing warehouse building. Before thinking about moving out of current premises, consider the multi-tier racking solutions designed by Noega Systems. Reduce costs and improve processes.

Multi-tier racking for manual storage maximizes the space in height. Depending on the specification, both manual racking systems can be used: M66 picking and boltless shelving Riveto.

pasillos elevados


With multitier solutions our customers get the maximum returns on their premises, multiplying the available space without expensive changes, increasing available storage space. Its installation can be designed for future expansion in height, fully adapted to their present and future needs.

One of the main features of these storage systems is that they are adaptable for all manual loads, their shelves provide us with direct access to all load units.


estantería de pasillos elevados


This storage solutions allows to multiply the storage space and the quantity of lineal meters of shelves. The multi-tier racking solutions of Noega Systems permits the optimization and max. utilization of available space in height in your warehouse.

The different height levels are accessible by stairways, and calculated for a normal overload use of transitable walkways.

These solutions can be supplied with all necessary accessories from safety net, access stairs, discharge points, lighting, perforated floors that allow the light to shine through and to comply with existing fire regulations and requirements of local insurers.

The aisle’s floors and shelves‘ decking can be chipboard or metal panels.

Uprights perforated along their length confer our multi-tier solutions great flexibility enabling the distribution of loading levels in height according to the requirements of the user.

Shelves can be equipped with chipboard, steel panels or wire decking depending on customer’s requirement. Walkways can be constructed with wooden decking optionally in colored and anti-slip finishing, or with metallic decking such as perforated steel panels or grating floor.


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