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Pallet live storage

Pallet live storage

The pallet live storage system on gravity rollers, is a conventional pallet racking equipped with roller channels mounted on slope for gravity displacement of the load units. FIFO system: first-in-first-out (the first pallet in, is the first pallet out).

Estanterías dinámicas para paletas


Suitable for companies that need to guarantee a FIFO operation with a maximum use of space, a high turnover of pallets and minimal staff requirements.

The operation of pallet live storage systems is simple, pallets move by gravity from the loading area to the retrieval zone, shortening loading and unloading times. Live storage racking consists of roller channels with a slope between 3% and 4%, which makes the pallets move by gravity and at a controlled speed.


Estanterías dinámicas para paletas


Gravity pallet live storage systems is the result of combining conventional pallet racking and roller modules mounted on a steel frame fixed on the racking beams.

Most common channel slope of rollers is between 3 and 4%.

The pallets enter the loading point (higher side of the channel) and move to the retrieval point (lower side of the channel) in a controlled manner, so that the pallets are being accumulated one after the other in the depth. In the unloading side, when one pallet is unloaded the next pallet takes its place and is ready to be picked.

The pallet racking is designed to allow a correct positioning of the roller tracks and achieve the necessary slope required.



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