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Industrial racking

Industrial racking plays a central role for the proper planning of logistics and storage areas of your company. A correct design and dimensioning of storage equipment (steel racking and handling equipment), brings numerous benefits for your company:

  • Optimize the available space, increase storage capacity and get even more out of the cost per square meter of its facilities.
  • Order your products and goods for easy location, and protect it from damage by mistake.
  • Increase the security of your facilities and workforce.
  • Increase productivity of your operations and the effectiveness of your resources.
  • Improving the service provided to your customers.

At NOEGA Systems we have extensive experience in storage solutions and industrial equipment and steel racking.

We respond to the needs presented by each project from manual loading systems of picking areas, to self-supporting automated warehouses.

Enjoy a complete service ranging from the determination of the system that best suits your storage needs, including the design, calculation, manufacture, supply and installation of its industrial shelving and storage systems.

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