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Miniload racking


Miniload racking

Miniload storage systems are designed for the automated storage in height of light and medium duty load units (small parts, components) with high turnover.

Characterized by high storega density, is a fast system that increases productivity thanks to its autoation level. Is a reliable system that minimizes handling errors of load units.


Estantería Miniload


Miniload storage systems are designed for the storage in height of light load units and operated by automated handling equipment.

Depending on the load unit to be stored, of the racking height and other forces that may be applied on the structure, the adopted steel solution could be a light racking.

Usually when single storage, goods are placed into totes or plastic boxes stored on angle supports fixed to the uprights of the racking. Alternatively the boxes can be stored on beams in case of multiple storage per level.

Miniload storage solutions require a very high quality standards in production and assembly.

Miniload solutions are operated by stacker cranes guided by an upper guiding rail fixed to tha racking structure. Both the racking and the upper guiding rail structure have to be designed to absorb all forces coming of the acceleration and decceleration movements of the stacker cranes.


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