• Carga Paletizada


  • The adjustable pallet racking (APR) or conventional selective racking system, is the most widespread solution in the market and allows access to all loading units at all times (following chaotic storage procedure). It is the universal palletized load system par excellence.

    It provides an optimized solution for warehouses that need to store a large number of references of palletized products.

    This storage system is formed by steel racking easily adaptable to different formats, weight and volumetric loading units. It also allows the combination in the same installation of manual storage of goods for picking at lower levels. It allows us to have an excellent stock control. NOEGA Systems offers its customers the best and most appropriate solutions thanks to a fully optimized solution with advanced calculation programs and always in accordance with the latest European standards, with the aim of offering primarily quality and safety in the design of your warehouse.

    • Ability to store lots of references.
    • Direct and selective access to all loading units.
    • Makes use of 100% of storage locations and up to 60% of surface in the warehouse.
    • Easy control of stocks.
    • Easy combination with picking systems.
    • Maximum design flexibility.
    • Simple systems.
  • Conventional industrial shelving, conventional pallet racking or APR (Adjustable Pallet Racking), are working equipment for the storage of palletized goods.

    This is a manual storage systems that are operated by handling equipment controlled by operators (as opposed to automated solutions controlled by robotic equipment and managed by software).

    Its characteristic and main advantage is that all loads are accessible at all times, making them ideal for a lot of applications and businesses. In warehouses and operational logistics in which there is a high number of different references and a few units per reference, it is where it finds its best application.

    Due to the fact that there are not automated facilities with human presence in the warehouses, health and safety of such pallet racking equipments becomes more important for a safe use of the racking. Accesories such as protections, protections corner, top rails or rear safety locks to prevent accidental falling objects transit zones, may be nececesary.

    No less important is the maintenance of these logistics solutions. Precisely in the process of interaction of pallet racking with the handling equipment is when the greatest damage occurs.

    Periodic reviews and inspections are also mandatory, absolutely necessary to have industrial racking and shelving in perfect working conditions and that are safe for people and goods.

    To be able to optimize its design, it is critical to know the characteristics of the load units and warehouse operations.

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