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Pallet racking


Pallet racking

Industrial racking and shelving for the storage of palletized goods are systems designed to store goods on pallets or auxiliary elements.

In an increasingly globalized and internationalized economy, standardization of procedures and processes to improve the efficiency of utilized resources is becoming increasingly important.

This also applies to the handling, transport and storage of goods and merchandise.

In this context, auxiliary elements to store the goods play a leading role in the logistics processes and warehousing.

Placing goods on European pallets or other (industrial pallets, half pallets, etc.) is standard and enables the design of optimized industrial racking and storage systems.

Industrial racking for palletized goods ranging from conventional pallet racking operated by manual handling equipment (forklifts) to complex fully automated solutions, systems to store light loading units up to heavy duty loading units weighing several tons, and dimensions and heights limited by the handling equipment.

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