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We renew our Certificates in Quality Management and Labor Safety

At Noega Systems we are committed to a job well done and proof of this is that we have, since July 2012, a Quality Management System certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and with an Occupational Health and Safety Management System according to OHSAS 18001.

Both certificates approved at the time by the Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance are applicable to:

Safety elements of industrial steel racking

Safety elements of industrial steel racking: preventive actions

Industrial racking plays a key role in our warehouses and are an indispensable equipment for proper operations in our companies. For a correct and safe functioning we summarize with this post the preventive actions and the safety elements to use with industrial racking and storage systems.

Pallet racking from Noega Systems

Conventional storage systems for palletized goods (pallet racking or APR) is work equipment that uncorrectly used can produce damages on the own racking, on handling equipment, on stored materials and goods, and injuries to workers and persons in general. For that reason, prior to starting using this equipment, it is higly recommended that the user pays special attention to both prevention actions and safety elements aimed to reduce risks.

Sistemas de transporte interno en un almacén

Are you using your racking correctly?

Bearing in mind that this working equipment is a fundamental piece in any logistics operation, it is a very appropriate question that should be formulated in relation with our warehouses. Misuse or negligence can pose high health risks on workers, and general economic risks on the company.

Técnicas de manutención y almacenaje 2

Many users of industrial racking would be surprised if they were told that they are making improper use of their industrial storage systems, an everyday use equipment in warehouses and logistic centers.

Industrial racking installations are, after all, static load-bearing structures that support high loads in height, and which can store a large number of tons. Its structural integrity is therefore a fundamental factor on which to pay attention.

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