• Inspeccion Tecnica


Racking Inspections

Your warehouses’ storage equipment is a working equipment that has to be inspected at least once a year by an independent, external and expert person. To meet this requirement let your racking be inspected by ITE (Inspection Técnica de Estanterías).

ITE is an in-house developed system and methodology that follows the standard EN 15635 and the NTP-852 prevention note. ITE also fulfills the obligations if Royal Decree RD 1215/1997. Keep your storage equipment fit, increase safety and cope with state of the art regulatioins.

Reduce risks, avoid personal injuries and damaged goods.

Why to trust the Recking Inspection ITE® of NOEGA Systems?

Our knowledge and experience is a warranty for profesionalism and quality.

Through its methodology, Noega Sysetms offers you:

  • Annual racking inspections according to the norm EN 15635 issuing complete inspection reports.
  • Execution of visual inspections.
  • Training of your staff to carry out visual inspections.
  • Training of your staff for the usage of racking equipment.
  • 1 year free telephone line to respond to customer’s questions about their racking or the inspection.
  • Proposition of additional safety equipment like protections, security mesh, labeling, …

By the realization of Racking Inspection ITE ® you comply with current legislation and increases safety and productivity of your warehouses.

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