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Noega Systems Industrial metal racking and storage systems

NOEGA Systems is a company with extensive experience in the warehousing and internal logistics industry. From the design and calculation of the specific storage solution required, through the supply and assembly, to the delivery and commissioning of the installation.
Noega Systems - Autoportante

Rack Clad Warehouses

Noega Systems' self-supporting racks allow you to automate and make the most of your storage space in terms of height, space, loads and weights.

Noega Systems - Automáticos

Automated warehouses

Automated warehouses are storage systems specially designed to be operated automatically by means of stacker cranes.

Noega Systems - ITE

Racking Inspections

In order to comply with the requirements, submit your racks to an ITE Technical Racking Inspection.

Noega Systems - Paletizada

Pallet Racking

Pallet racking is a storage system designed for warehousing.

Noega Systems - Carga Manual

Shelving System

Metal racks for manual loading are an essential piece of equipment in companies.

Noega Systems - Entreplantas

Mezzanine Floor

Noega Systems mezzanines maximise the use of available space.

Noega Systems - Virto

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How can Noega Systems help you?

At Noega Systems we base our policy on factors such as Health and Safety at Work, People Satisfaction, Quality and the Environment.

Our mission is based on satisfying the needs of our customers by providing products and services of high added value, with the required quality, as well as protecting people, respecting the environment and achieving economic results that guarantee the viability of the company.

Noega Systems - Sistemas de almacenaje

12 years in the sector

We have been providing our storage system solutions since 2010

Noega Systems - Almacen

Trust Noega Systems

Reduce risks, avoiding personal accidentes and damage to goods.

Carry out the technical inspection of your shelving with us

The racks in your warehouses are work equipment that must be inspected at least once a year by an external, expert and independent person. In order to comply with this requirement, submit your racking to an ITE Technical Inspection of Racking.

Keep your storage systems in perfect working order, increasing safety and complying with the legal regulations in force.

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