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As a result of a continuous innovation process in the improvement of our products and services, looking for new designs that allow us to reduce manufacturing times and production processes such as welding or painting, NOEGA Systems has:

Design and calculation

The design of storage facilities as well as the calculation of the racking equipment require the application of technical standards that are in force.

The technical department of Noega Systems is composed of senior engineers with extensive experience in the sector, in addition to junior engineers and draftsmen.

The optimization of storage solutions and the safety of racking equipment depends on a correct application of the technical criteria.

Noega Systems disposes of calculation software and tools of own development, with which a high degree of optimization can attained.


Test laboratory

The test laboratory of Noega Systems permits the observation and testing of structural racking components under load.

Parameters such as stiffness levels of connections, deformation or general behavior of certain elements under load are measured.

Through the application of the testing standards, empirical values of actual behavior can be obtained which are then used in the calculation programs. This way our designs are always on the side of safety by simultaneously achieving design optimization.

In addition, the test laboratory allows to test materials of existing facilities that enables the realization of static validations required.


Through the use of modern production and manufacturing processes with the latest technology, a high productivity is achieved permitting a high degree of competitiveness.

Quality and traceability are other key factors achieved with our manufacturing processes, starting from raw materials such as steel with guaranteed quality and procedures of profiling, advanced welding and painting.


Installation and assembly

The last phase in the process of implementing an industrial metal racking system is the assembly at the customer site.

The completion of the installation is a key step because of their successful implementation depends the subsequent correct operation of the storage equipment.

Noega Systems counts on highly experienced assembly supervisors, who are used to meet high quality standards.

The meeting deadlines is another factor to which we pay special attention.

Project management

One of Noega Systems’ strengths is the realization and management of complete projects of storage solutions starting from the design through manufacturing and assembly of storage equipment.

estanterias industriales


Noega Systems is a company specialised in the design, calculation, supply and installation of industrial storage solutions.


Noega Systems was founded in February 2010 by 5 partners with extensive experience in the storage systems sector.

The team

Noega Systems has specialised staff with extensive experience in the storage sector.

Work with us

At Noega Systems we are constantly looking for people who are eager to work and want to be part of our project.


Certifications and accreditations in warehouses are a sign of sensitivity to a job well done in today's world.


The result of a process of continuous innovation in the improvement of our products and services, searching for new designs.

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