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The training of workers and managers of a company on the potential risks that may occur during use of a racking installations, is a legal requirement under Royal Decree RD 1215/1997 that makes it compulsary for companies to train and the supply information on the use, risks and safety of work equipment in general and storage systems in particular have entrepreneurs.

If you are in any of the following circumstances:

  • if you require a PRSES (Person Responsible for Storage Equipment Safety), to ensure the safety of their shelves.
  • If you need to have Visual Inspectors conducting internal periodic inspections.
  • If you need to raise awareness of warehouse workers on the proper use of racking equipment and inform them about the risks involved with the use.
  • If you want to gain autonomy and execute your own basic racking maintenance.

There are 4 different in-house courses aimed to different people and positions related with the storage equipment.


This course prepares to take over the roll of PRSES (Person Responsible of Storage Equipment Safety) according to norm EN 15635.

Visual Inspection

This course enables the attendees to execute visual inspections according to EN 15635.

Basic Maintenance

Prepares the existing maintenance team of the company the carry out basic maintenance works of racking and storage equipments.

End user

This course is addressed to the warehouse workers using the racking and storage equipment. Workers are informed about risks and limitations of the racking.

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