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NOEGA Systems is a company with many years of experience in the warehousing and internal logistics industry.

Know our history

Noega Systems was founded in February 2010 by five partners with extensive experience in the field of storage systems and industrial steel racking and shelving.

The first offices are located in the Business Centre of Cristasa in Gijón, in the neighborhood of El Cerillero and the delegation in Valencia situated in the Tactica business park in Paterna (Valencia).


In Agost 2010 was established the sales offices in Madrid and Barcelona, and the commercial presence in the Basque Country and Andalusia.

In the spring of 2013 the headquarter moved to Science and Technology Park of Gijón, to the ITK building.

In November 2014 a new transfer within the same park to the Asturias building, which is its present location.

Despite being a young company just six years of existence, Noega Systems has grown exponentially becoming in the short time one of the leading players in the Spanish market for steel racking and shelving.

estanterias industriales


Noega Systems is a company specialised in the design, calculation, supply and installation of industrial storage solutions.


Noega Systems was founded in February 2010 by 5 partners with extensive experience in the storage systems sector.

The team

Noega Systems has specialised staff with extensive experience in the storage sector.

Work with us

At Noega Systems we are constantly looking for people who are eager to work and want to be part of our project.


Certifications and accreditations in warehouses are a sign of sensitivity to a job well done in today's world.


The result of a process of continuous innovation in the improvement of our products and services, searching for new designs.

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