• Almacenes Automaticos


  • Storage systems for automated warehouses provide solutions for the storage problems in height and narrow working aisles, optimizing space, volume and time.

    It is in essence a conventional racking designed for automated handling of load units through stacker cranes.

    Stacker cranes are solutinos developed for automated warehouses, designed for handling load units with a high variety of weights.

    Through its automation principle, automated warehouses allow gains in productivity and reduction of errors, while optimizing the storage capacity.

    • Racking solutions for storage in great height.
    • Automated systems operated by stacker cranes.
    • Access to all load units at any time.
    • Makes maximum use of space and possibility of differente grades of automation.
    • Adaptable to various spaces, loads and weights.
  • Automated storage systems operated by stacker cranes, are installations up to 40 m. height. Usually designed with very narrow aisles resulting in very compact solutions with high storage density.

    Very high safety level due to the fact that are operated by automated handling equipment controlled by software, with low level of direct human interaction. Stacker cranes move lengthwise along the aisles guided by upper and lower rails. Load units are handled in a fully automated mode.

    The racking equipment of these storage solutions apart of supporting and storing the load units, have to be designed and dimensioned to absorb the forces produced by the stacker crane during its acceleration and deceleration movements.

    From a constructive point of view, the componentes of the storage equipment are coincident in a height percentage with those of conventional racking systems. A special steel work structure is placed on top of the racking to fix the upper guiding rails for the cranes.

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