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  • Mezzanine on columns are resistant structural constructions with free access underneath, ideal for the storage of materials and merchandise.

    Is a removable solution that allows you to create open areas, able to support overloads of use and the loads of other equipment put on them.

    • Makes maximum use of available height.
    • Adaptable to various spaces, loads and weights.
    • Designed for offices or warehouses.
  • Mezzanines on pillars maximize the space available through framed structures composed of main and secondary beams. Depending on the specified loads and stresses, the main beams can be made of hot rolled profiles while the secondary beams are usually open sections sigma profiles.

    This structure will be supported by pillars which may be either tubular or hot rolled profiles.

    The floor, usually of chipboard is fixed on the support beams. Flooring can be delivered in special finishing like non-slip surfaces, and depending on the environment the mezzanine is installed, it can be combined with metal or grid floor.

    The design can be completed with accessories such as handrails, pallet gates and staircases.

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