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estantería convencional para palets

Conventional pallet racking: advantages and features

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In terms of industrial racking, the most widespread solution on the market is conventional pallet racking, also known as selective racking.

With this industrial shelving, we have access to all load units at all times. This is what is known as chaotic storage.

Warehouses that require storage of a large number of palletised product references find a fully optimised solution in this storage system.

Conventional pallet racking is made up of metal racks that adapt to different weights, formats and volumes in terms of load units.

An added value to these storage systems is that they can be combined with racks for manual loading (picking) on the lower levels, which gives us excellent control of the goods.

Advantages of pallet racking

Below is a list of some of the most outstanding advantages of pallet racking.

Cost reduction

Conventional pallet racking is the most flexible and economical industrial storage system on the market.

The implementation of these racks in warehouses or industrial buildings is really simple and, in addition, they can be adapted to the changes required by the company according to its needs.

The cost savings derive from an increase in productivity, as we have direct access to each pallet for handling in an agile manner and an exhaustive control of the load, together with the possibility of carrying out picking operations at the bottom, we save time in warehouse operations.

Saving available space

With this storage system we manage to optimise the available surface area of the warehouse, as conventional pallet racking fits perfectly into the warehouse space and keeps the stock in order.

In order to further optimise the available space, double-deep racks can be installed.

We also have to take into account that using the lower levels to prepare orders also means a saving in available space, since we do not have to allocate other areas for this purpose.

Great versatility

Conventional pallet racking is very versatile, since:

  1. They are combined with shelving for picking and manual storage.
  2. They are designed for the storage of goods of different weights, sizes and shapes.
  3. They allow self-supporting warehouses to be built, since the racks themselves form the skeleton of these great works of engineering.
  4. They allow direct and unitary access to each SKU, without the need to move pallets (except for those with double-depth racks).
  5. It adapts to almost all handling elements.
  6. It is compatible with other industrial storage systems, either as a complement or as the main warehouse solution.

In short, the main advantage of this industrial storage system is that we have access to the goods at all times, making it perfect for a wide variety of companies in different sectors.

It is best applied in warehouses with a large number of different SKUs and with few units for each of these SKUs.

It is important to equip these installations with security elements, such as:

  • Corner guards
  • Integral protections
  • Safety locks
  • Stop beams

In addition, these metal structures constantly interact with the handling equipment, causing major damage which means that technical inspections of racking are strictly necessary.

At Noega Systems we are dedicated to the design, manufacture, installation and inspection of metal and industrial racking and all types of storage systems. If your company needs advice in this area, do not hesitate to contact us.

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