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Maintaining a safe warehouse is not a trivial matter

Maintaining a safe warehouse is not a trivial matter

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Safety is one of the most important aspects in any company in the logistics sector, both the safety of workers, as it is directly related to their productivity, and the safety of the different loads and goods deposited in the warehouse. That is why we say that maintaining a safe warehouse is not a trivial matter.

In the specific case of warehouse work, the continued use of shelving in poor condition can lead not only to staff losses, but also to a significant loss of economic benefits.

But how to maintain a safe warehouse? Performing technical inspections of racking every year, along with proper training of warehouse workers, is the only way for the warehouse owner to ensure the correct condition of the facility and thus preserve the safety of his workers.

Periodic racking inspections are crucial in order to avoid accidents like the ones shown in these videos that we have compiled in our YouTube channel.

Video Accident in supermarket racking

Video Accident caused by storing pallets stacked directly without shelves

Video Industrial accident, domino effect with metal racking

Video Occupational accident with falling metal racking in a warehouse

Having installations in good condition not only minimizes the risk of having an accident in the warehouse, many of which are often directly derived from the poor condition of the racks. It is also a legal duty of the employer, since they are obligatory in the event of inspections by government agencies. Complying with the legal regulations in this area means a great reduction of risk in the day-to-day running of the warehouse. This makes it possible to maintain a safe warehouse for both goods and workers.

The technical inspections of racks that we carry out at Noega Systems are a service to optimize their performance and for the safety of the user.

We have to emphasize that the racks are work equipment, which must have user manuals, procedures, training in their use, and are as important as any other machine in the warehouse. That is why it is so important and necessary the existence of rules to be followed by warehouse workers during their use.

In this link you can visit our photo library of racking damages. You will see some of the most common damages and flaws that we find in metal racks when we carry out technical inspections of racks at the client’s facilities in order to maintain a safe warehouse that complies with the law.

We have a specialized team of experts in the inspection and validation of industrial racks. We can help you to maintain the safety of your facilities and to get the most out of them by complying with current legislation and regulations. Contact us!

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