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Estantería convencional

Conventional pallet racking

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In this post we will go into one of the storage systems that allows to carry out the storage of palletized products with a wide variety of references: the conventional pallet racking system. The conventional or selective racking system is the most widespread storage system.

What does conventional racking consist of?

Conventional racks allow to have access to all unit loads at all times.

This is known as a chaotic storage procedure.

It is the universal system par excellence and provides an optimized solution for those warehouses that need to store a large number of palletized product references.

This storage system is composed of metal racks easily adaptable to different formats, weight and volume of the load units and, in addition, it gives the possibility of combining in the same installation the palletized load with manual load for picking in the lower levels, which allows to have an excellent stock control.

For this industrial racking system, the support used as a load unit is the pallet and the racking dimensions will be based on the dimensions of the pallets.

Conventional racks provide with a series of advantages and aspects to take into account when carrying out the storage process.

Advantages of conventional racks

  • It allows to have a logical distribution of space in the warehouse, in addition to easily adapting to any volume or weight of the load.
  • It easily adapts to computerized management programs and is very easy to implement even if we have to work with different types of loads.
  • We can handle the load without the need to move other unwanted cargo and we have easy access to the different pallets, which we can locate without difficulty.
  • If the goods are sorted and organized, we will have an easy control of the stock.
  • The conventional system allows to easily detect any breakage that may occur in the stock.
  • It takes advantage of 100% of the useful spaces and up to 60% of the surface area.
  • It can be easily combined with picking systems.
Rack selectivo, estanterías industriales, soluciones de almacenaje

Selective racking: Aspects to take into account for conventional racks

  • It is difficult to pick up a single reference when preparing the outgoing batches.
  • Crushing of the goods and instability can occur when loads are placed on top of each other and the recommendations of an expert in the field are not taken into account.
  • With the conventional storage system, the FIFO method is used when we want to extract the goods, that is, the first thing that enters is the first thing that must leave, so we can encounter problems if we do not know which was the load that enters first.
  • Difficulties arise when preparing the goods in those shipments made up of fractions of palletized loads.
  • Like any storage system, it must be subjected to a technical inspection in accordance with safety regulations.

In summary, the conventional or selective racking system is the right storage solution for those companies that need to store a large number of references for palletized products and allows to combine storage with individual items, so that we can prepare the manual dispatch on the lower levels of the racks.

At Noega Systems we are dedicated to the design, manufacture, installation and inspection of metal and industrial shelving and all types of storage systems. If your company needs advice on this matter, do not hesitate to contact us.

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