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Automated warehouses: types, characteristics and advantages

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Thanks to automated warehouses we can manage a warehouse in an automated way and achieve optimization in the processes derived from the storage, preparation and dispatch of goods.

These storage systems are designed to be operated automatically by means of stacker cranes for the storage of boxes (Miniload type), pallets and even garments hanging on hangers. This storage system is known as the hanging garment system.

How do automated warehouses work?

In an automated warehouse, robotic equipment is used for cargo handling, which allows us to gain height and speed due to the reduction in response and safety times.

Operators do not work inside the aisles, so working with automated warehouses means increased safety and minimizing the possibility of accidents.

These industrial storage systems are totally reliable due to the reduction of errors when handling loads.

Advantages of automated warehouses

When managing a warehouse, if we do it in an automated way we can achieve the following advantages:

  1. At the cost level, these are reduced thanks to compact storage.
  2. Maximum stock control.
  3. Preparation of orders very quickly.
  4. Greater efficiency in the management of merchandise entries and exits.
  5. Saving space, time and money.
  6. Increase in the productivity of the logistics activity.
  7. Lower maintenance costs thanks to reduced damage.
  8. Increased safety of human personnel and merchandise.

Automatic systems for palletized cargo

1. Pallet racking operated by stacker crane

They are palletized cargo storage systems at great height and star aisle.

The unit loads are handled by robotic equipment called stacker cranes. They can be designed with single or double depth, or also open face type (open front) for a single pallet per level and module.

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2. Selective rack shelving for accumulation storage with satellite trolley

Through this system, the load units are stored in the rack by accumulation in depth.

These installations are operated by means of a transporter car.

Automatic systems in freezing chambers

Automatic installations for storage in freezing chambers

Pallet accumulation and movements are the most important factors when designing a freezer room.

With the satellite trolley system, a large number of movements is obtained with a smaller number of aisles as there is one trolley per level and aisle.

Automatic systems for boxes

MINILOAD for the storage of boxes with reduced weights

The load units are boxes with reduced weights. The miniload racks can be operated by stacker cranes for one box per level or uniload, or for several loads per level or multiload.

Additionally, the racks can be designed for accumulation storage with an elevator and conveyor cars (shuttle-type systems).

In very high-rise projects, it is possible to design the storage solution to house 2 stacker cranes at height (multi-level miniload solution).

Automatic systems for hanging garments

1. Textile sector

For the textile sector, specific solutions have been developed for the storage of garments hanging on hangers. These can be arranged on bars that are handled by stacker cranes that deposit and collect them on special supports installed on the racking.

Additionally, solutions can be developed for handling hanging garments by means of aerial conveyors installed on multi-level mezzanines.

sistemas de almacenaje automáticos de prenda colgada

2. Complete project management

From the conception and design of the most appropriate logistics solution, through the calculation of the installation applying current regulations, the performance of tests in specific cases and the manufacture of the racking components that make up the system, to the execution of the installation and assembly of industrial racking under the supervision of highly experienced professionals.

NOEGA Systemas storage systems

NOEGA Systems puts the most advanced technology at the service of industrial storage. The automation of logistics and storage processes through the application of advanced robotic technologies requires storage systems and industrial racks adapted to the project requirements and operational specifications.

Our objective is to innovate to improve, both in new products and in the optimization of existing ones, and for this we have a testing laboratory where we verify the behavior of the different components of each storage system, carrying out load, resistance and buckling tests. , etc.

Quality Guarantee

Automatic systems are very precise solutions that require high-quality racking with strict tolerances.

At NOEGA Systems, we offer our clients proven quality procedures and a human team with extensive experience, from the design to the installation of the racks.

  • Certificate in the quality management system (ISO 9001).
  • Certificate in the occupational health and safety management system (OHSAS 18001).
  • UNE EN 1090 Certificate of CE Marking.

Member of the European Federation of Maintenance EM/AEM.

At Noega Systems we are specialized in the design, manufacture, assembly and inspection of all types of metal shelving, industrial and storage systems. If your company needs advice in this area, do not hesitate to contact us.

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