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cierres modulares de seguridad en almacenes

Pallet Rack Security Cages. Isolated spaces in specific work areas

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Pallet Rack Security Cages create an isolated space in specific work areas. This system reserves the area of ​​the possibility of detached materials derived from the action of the machines.

The Rack Security Cages are ideal for the perimeter closures of manufacturing machines, creating closed spaces in various warehouse areas, in maintenance areas, etc.

It is a very easy assembly system, which has two types of panels, opaque and mesh, which are quickly and easily interchangeable. It adapts very easily to the spaces that you want to close, and its extension or modification is carried out comfortably.

The Rack Security Cages are without a doubt an exceptional complement for those spaces dedicated to the storage of goods or production.

In the first case, for the spaces used for storage, these systems close the racking area reserved for the movement of stacker cranes in an automated warehouse. On the other hand, in the second case, for moving machinery or complete manufacturing processes.

The purpose of modular closures is to protect operators and prevent their access to dangerous transit areas. In addition, these systems adapt to all types of machinery, processes and requirements.

Overall, the purpose pursued by this system is that these areas have exclusive access to certain operators who have training and preparation to carry out their work within them.

Utilities of Pallet Rack Security Cages

The Rack Security Cages were created to cover a series of basic needs in our warehouses, among which the following stand out:

  • Separation of the different areas of a company.
  • Protection of road areas with rollers
  • Manufacturing processes with moving machines.
  • Enclosure of control and maintenance areas.
  • Chemical products area.
  • Separation of waste classification areas.
  • Substations, transformers and electrical panels.
  • Closure of warehouses and conventional archives (without automation).
  • Enclosures of racking areas reserved for the movement of stacker cranes in automated warehouses.
  • Delimitation of cargo movement zones.

Advantages of Rack Security Cages

It is worth highlighting the following advantages that Pallet Rack Security Cages offer our warehouses:

  • Easy, fast and simple assembly.
  • Minimum delivery time.
  • Very cheap cost.
  • Simple extension and modification.
  • Modular system, adaptable to the available space.
  • Access restriction.
  • Delimitation of dangerous areas.
  • Interchangeable opaque or mesh panels.
  • Design in accordance with European standards for safety at work.

It should be noted that the laws on occupational risk prevention require the protection of machines and the use of appropriate elements for this. The current legislation defends the need to protect people from the risks involved in the use and operation in the industry.

On the other hand, the design of the modular safety closures also responds to a series of safety and installation requirements, which are imposed by the Design Regulations for Perimeter Guards for Machine Safety (ISO 12100, UNE-EN 294, UNE- EN 953 and UNE-EN 811).

Therefore, these security closures provide our warehouses with an economical solution that allows us to delimit dangerous areas, thus protecting workers and complying with current regulations.

At Noega Systems we are dedicated to the design, manufacture, installation and inspection of metal and industrial racking and all types of storage systems. If your company needs advice on this matter, do not hesitate to contact us.

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