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Sistemas de almacenaje automáticos: almacenamiento robotizado

Automated storage systems: robotic storage

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The incorporation of automated warehousing systems makes it easier for companies to differentiate their product and service offerings by reducing costs and increasing productivity in the logistics chain. Automated storage systems are designed to be operated through stacker cranes for pallets automatically using robotic equipment for load handling.

They are suitable for storing pallets or boxes (Miniload type).

What are automated storage systems?

It is a truly reliable storage solution, since it minimizes errors in the handling of the load units and allows immediate inventory of the stored products, fast, since it gives us the possibility to reduce response times and presents high density thanks to the reduction of the working aisles.

Warehouses that use robotic equipment for load handling, allow us to gain height, speed and safety, since the operators do not work inside the aisles, minimizing the occurrence of accidents.

Automated storage systems have high performance, easy maintenance and extensive schedules, with continuous flows and high productivity in the processes of entry of goods and dispatch.

On the one hand, they reduce maintenance costs due to the decrease of shocks caused by misuse and the structures have less technical requirements, on the other hand, they reduce labor costs since dispensing, administrative and forklift personnel are not necessary.

Automated storage systems allow us to make the most of the available space due to the compaction of the goods, the use of height, the flexibility of the solutions and the reduction of the built-up area. These systems are equipped with management software that allows us to identify and control all the merchandise.

Advantages of automated storage systems

  • Maximum use of space in height.
  • High productivity and availability.
  • Systems with high safety for personnel and cargo.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • Accuracy in cargo handling.
  • Increased density of unit loads per surface area.
  • Adaptable to spaces, loads and weights.
  • Possibility of different levels of automation.

Types of automated storage systems

Among the automated storage systems we find the following.

Uniload Unit Load Racks

Designed for individual storage of unit loads automatically.

Miniload unit load shelving system

The automated Miniload system is designed to store small and light loads with high turnover in height automatically. This system is fast and increases productivity thanks to automation, characterized by a high density and is very reliable as it minimizes handling errors of unit loads.

Conventional racking with stacker crane

Racking served by a stacker crane solves storage problems at great heights and with reduced working aisles, optimizing space, volume and time. It is equipped to handle unit loads of different weights automatically by means of stacker cranes.

Thanks to these automated storage systems we achieve an increase in productivity and elimination of errors thanks to automation, in addition to providing storage solutions at great heights and with reduced aisles in width, which optimizes storage capacity.

At Noega Systems we are dedicated to the design, manufacture, installation and inspection of metal and industrial shelving and all types of storage systems. If your company needs advice on this matter, do not hesitate to contact us.

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