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Las indiscutibles ventajas de los almacenes autoportantes

Rack clad storage systems, a self supported warehouse

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Rack clad buildings are technologically advanced storage solutions that enable the storage of palletized goods on high heights (above 40 m.), serving both as storage system and as supporting building structure on which side and roof cladding are fixed.

One of the main characteristics of rack clad warehouses is that the racking makes up the resistant structure of the warehouse building.

These systems are designed to support the loading units, as well as the outer cladding, wind loads, snow loads or seismic actions corresponding to the location of the warehouse.

Advantages of rack clad buildings

Rack clad buildings provide a series of advantages, some of them listed below:

  1. No requirement of construction of a conventional warehouse building to put the racking in.
  2. The racking itself is the structure of the building.
  3. Maximun use of available space.
  4. Is the best solution for the storage of goods in elevated heights (possible to go above 40 m height).
  5. Flexible and adaptable to the required storage needs (weights, dimensions, …).
  6. Automated systems with high levels of productivity.

Versatility and productivity of rack clad warehouses

Every rack clad building is unique, with its own specification and customer requirements.

rack clad warehouse

Rack clad building storage solutions provide a proper answer to the logistic issues raised by the user, achieving a high level of automation and productivity, resulting in cost reduction in operations.

The whole process starts with the conception and design of the most appropriate storage solution, the calculation considering the applicable norms and the current and most advanced state of the art, undertake lab testings when required, the production of the racking components, and the installation works including the supervision with experienced site supervisors.

For the calculation are used sophisticated 3D programs and finite element analysis (FEA) that allows the design optimization to support its own weight, the goods stored, the forces produced by the material handling equipment, as well as wind, snow and seismic actions.

Miniload rack clad building for the storage of bins

Miniload rack clad installations enable the storage of bins in the height with a maximum use of available space and a high level of automation.
Together with a high storage density, order preparation times as well as picking errors can be reduced.

Highest warranty

Rack-clad buildings are storage solutions of big dimensions and of permanent nature that support the outside and rood cladding.

Following the European regulation 305/2011/UE (Construction Products Regulation or CPR) in force since July 1st of 2014, rack clad warehouses have to be provided with CE marking.

Certificate of conformity

NOEGA Systems delivers all its rack clad warehouses with CE marking certified according to EN 1090-1:2009 /A1 2011: “Requirement for conformity assessment for structural components”.

In conclusión, rack clad buildings have the big virtue to reduce costs in comparison with other traditional storage systems alternatives, that require the construction of a warehouse building to install the storage systems inside.

These automated storage systems produce a return when it is a high installation and from a significant amount of loading units to be stored.

For its design following criteria are important to be considered:

  1. The weight of the loading units.
  2. Forces produced by the automatic material handling equipment.
  3. Outer forces acting on the rack clad building, such as seismic movements, as well as wind and snow loads.

Last but not least, the end phase is the installation or construction of the warehouse. Depending on the size of the warehouse, the installation time can take several months to be completed. This end part of the whole process is a critical one, and requires a constant supervision to meet agreed execution times and quality standards.

At Noega Systems we are specialized in the design, manufacture, assembly and inspection of all types of metal shelving, industrial and storage systems. If your company needs advice in this area (Rack clad buildings), do not hesitate to contact us.

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    dear Sir
    could you please provide me with a copy of your standard structural calculation for a typical rack clad warehouse so that i can convince my client to accept your product

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