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responsibilities in a warehouse

Who does what, and what are the responsibilities in a warehouse

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With this post we enumerate what are the tasks and responsibilities of those roles and people interacting with the storage systems: Who does what, and what are the responsibilities in a warehouse.

The persons and roles to be covered are:

  • User and specifier
  • Supplier
  • PRSES, Person Responsible for Storage Equipment Safety
  • Visual inspector
  • Basic assembly and maintenance
  • Usuario directo

Responsibilities of the user and the specifier (EN 15629:2009)

The main responsibilities and tasks to be carried out by the user and specifier, according to EN 15629:2009, are listed below:

  1. Define the loading unit (weight, dimensions, LMA-load make up accesories,…).
  2. Specify properties of foundation to secure a suficient resistance and rigidity to hold all loads coming from the racking.
  3. Specify the planitude and leveling of the foundation.
  4. Define material handling equipment (lift trucks, …) and its characteristics, and the forces exerted on the racking.
  5. Specify the location of the warehouse (seismic zone, wind and snow loads, …).
  6. Specify the working enviroment: interior/exterior, working temperatures, hazardous enviroments,…).
  7. Comply with minimum clearences.
  8. Usage of the storage system according to the specification.
  9. In case that the user carries out the installation, the user has to make sure it follows the supplier’s installation instructions.
  10. Specify or deliver upright protections where required.
  11. Carry out racking inspections regularly.
  12. Train the personnel in the use of the storage equipment.
  13. Provide appropiate working conditions: lightning, heating, …
  14. Keep the storage equipment validated for use.
  15. Keep certificates and validations updated.

Responsibilities of the Supplier (EN 15629:2009)

The supplier, according to the standard EN 15629:2009, has following tasks and responsibilities:

  1. Set the technical limitations and safe working conditions according to current norms (EN 15620, 15629, 15635).
  2. Identify type of available protections.
  3. Identify material handling equipment (MHE) used (lift trucks).
  4. Execute the structural design according to EN 15512.
  5. If requested, provide assembly assistance including assembly validation.
  6. Provide replacements for reparations and maintenance.
  7. Provide technical advice.
  8. Provide advice about racking inspections.
  9. Provide loading labels.

Responsibilities of the PRSES, Person Responsible for Storage Equipment Safety (EN 15635:2009)

The PRSES, Person Responsible for Storage Equipment Safety, is the person appointed by the warehouse manager, with the responsibility of keeping a safe operation in the warehouse.

This role is created with the norm EN 15635 “Steel static storage systems. Application and maintenance of storage equipment”.

The PRSES has to be able to identify the supplier of the storage equipment, contact the supplier and define the training necessary to keep the racking in a safe working condition.

See below some of his responsibilities:

  1. Is responsible for the safety of the storage equipment.
  2. Has to know who is the supplier of the storage equipment.
  3. To be the contact person with the supplier.
  4. Define the neccesary training to keep the racking in safe working conditions.
  5. To have dispose of management procedures of the storage equipment.
  6. Instructions to prevent and limit risks.
  7. Use the storage equipment according to supplier’s instructions.
  8. Carry out internal inspections.
  9. Carry out external inspections through an expert.
  10. Implement a maintenance system.
  11. Implement a prevention and damage reduction system.
  12. Implement a system for immediate actions.
  13. Investigate the damages produced on the storage system.
  14. Keep written records of inspections, incidents, damages, ….

Responsibilities of Visual Inspector (EN 15635:2009)

The responsibilities of internal inspector are among others:

  1. Execute the inspections according to the procedures of the PRSES.
  2. Meet the frequency of inspections.
  3. Follow the norm EN 15635.
  4. Record and notify all incidents to the PRSES.

Responsibilities of basic maintenance (EN 15635:2009)

Basic maintenance works on storage equipment have to consider following points:

  1. Do not permit the repair of damaged elements without prior authorization of the supplier.
  2. Replacement of damaged components following the norm.

Responsibilities of end user (EN 15635:2009)

The end user has following responsibilities and tasks:

  1. Use the storage equipment according to supplier instructions and the training received.
  2. Immediately notify any incident or strike ocurred on the storage equipment.

It is very important having all responsibilities of all the different roles well defined, in order to achieve the highest safety level of the storage systems and highest protection of the workers interacting with it.

A proper organized workflow together with workers trained and informed about their responsibility, will improve the internal logistic operations and increase the overall safety level in the warehouse.

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