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Proyecto de investigación STEELWAR y almacenes automáticos

Advanced structural solutions for automated warehouses supported by steel racks (STEELWAR Project)

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Noega Systems collaborates in a research project, called STEELWAR “Advanced structural solutions for automated STEELrack supported WARhouses” (Advanced structural solutions for automated warehouses supported by steel racks) together with several European universities and companies in the sector.

STEELWAR research project

Automated rack warehouses represent the future of storage technology, providing substantial cost, space and energy savings over traditional warehouses.

Currently, designers refer to building codes, without any control over their correct applicability to the specific typologies of these peculiar steel structures. This creates significant safety and efficiency issues because the structural characteristics of Automated Rack Warehouses are considerably different from normal steel building structures.

Based on a precise assessment of the safety level of the design concepts actually adopted in current practice (in the complete absence of specific design codes), the main objective of the proposal is the definition of dedicated innovative design approaches for Automated Warehouses. with Shelving in seismic and non-seismic conditions.

In particular, attention will be focused on the load conditions that characterize Automated Warehouses with Racks during their installation and useful life, and on the ductile design under seismic load. Based on said analysis, specific design rules and recommendations will be carried out for the construction and design of Automated Warehouses with Racks.

Project financed by FICA

The STEELWAR research project has received funding from the Research Fund for Coal and Steel, FICA (RFCS) which funds high-quality research projects that support the competitiveness of the European coal and steel industry.

Every year, the Research Fund for Coal and Steel, FICA supports projects in universities, research centers and private companies.

At Noega Systems we are specialized in the design, manufacture, assembly and inspection of all types of metal shelving, industrial and storage systems. If your company needs advice in this area, do not hesitate to contact us.

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