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Automated Warehouses

Thanks to the automatic warehouses we can manage a warehouse in an automated way and achieve an optimisation in the processes derived from the storage, preparation and dispatch of goods.


What is an automated warehouse?

We can define an automated warehouse as a storage installation in which both machines and automated systems are responsible for carrying out all types of operations related to the stored goods.

These automated warehouses are made up of racks, which are responsible for storing the goods, and automated equipment, responsible for managing the storage of the automated warehouse.

The automated warehouses are designed to be operated automatically by means of stacker cranes for the storage of boxes (Miniload type), pallets and even textiles hung on hangers. This storage system is known as the hanging garment system.

Warehouse automation has become a key tool for improving efficiency in the supply chain and increasing value for companies.

With a highly competitive environment and ever-tightening deadlines, warehouse automation is seen as a way to increase productivity and provide a faster, more efficient service.

Automated warehouses are usually very secure due to the technology used to control and monitor inventory, as well as the automation of storage and distribution processes.

In addition, integrated security systems, such as security cameras and alarm systems, help to ensure inventory security and prevent theft.

Among the advantages of using an automated warehouse are greater efficiency in inventory management, greater accuracy in product tracking, greater flexibility in adapting to different types of merchandise, and savings in time and operating costs.

Automated warehouses are used in a variety of industries, including logistics, e-commerce, manufacturing, agriculture, distribution, retail and utilities.

These systems are particularly useful in companies with high inventory volumes and a wide variety of products.


Characteristics of automated warehouses


Advantages of automated warehouses


Applications of automated warehouses to improve your warehouse

Automated warehouses are a good storage option for warehouses where the volume of incoming and outgoing goods is very high.

The ability to adapt to goods of all sizes makes this system suitable for any type of business.

E-commerce: Automated warehouses are used for the storage and distribution of products online.
Agriculture: Automated warehouses are used to store and manage agricultural products.
Logistics and warehousing: Automated warehouses are used to store and manage inventories efficiently.

Other Noega Systems products


NOEGA Systems automatic storage systems

NOEGA Systems puts the most advanced technology at the service of industrial storage. The automation of logistic and storage processes through the application of advanced robotised technologies requires storage systems and industrial racking adapted to the requirements of the project and the operational specifications.

Our objective is to innovate in order to improve, both in new products and in the optimisation of existing ones, and to this end we have a testing laboratory where we verify the behaviour of the different components of each storage system, carrying out load, resistance, buckling, etc. tests.


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