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Clad-rack warehouses

Clad-rack warehouses allow us to make the most of and automate storage space at height, as well as providing excellent adaptability in terms of space, loads and weights. Request more information


What is a clad-rack warehouse?

The clad-rack warehouse is a high bay storage solution, whose main characteristic is that the shelves where the goods are placed form part of the frame, thus avoiding major civil works.

These warehouses are designed to withstand (in addition to the load units of the warehouse itself), the actions of external meteorological phenomena such as the force of the wind, snow, earthquakes, etc.

Clad-rack warehouses are great works of engineering, being the most suitable solution when storing at great heights.

In these warehouses, the racks fulfil a double function: they are storage elements and, at the same time, they act as structural components.

Noega Systems self-supporting racks allow you to automate and maximise the profitability of your high bay storage space, with excellent adaptability in terms of space, loads and weights.

Any type of self-supporting warehouse can be built, regardless of the desired height.

However, to achieve the benefits that this system can provide, the minimum recommended height ranges from 13 to 15 metres.

The main virtue of clad-rack warehouses is the cost savings that their installation allows us if we compare it with the rest of the alternative solutions executed in the traditional way, i.e., building an industrial building to which we must add the cost of the metal racking solutions that are installed inside the building itself.

The automation of this equipment generates profitability when we are talking about high-rise projects and from a significant amount of unit loads to be stored.

Clad-rack warehouse systems are made up of traditional metal racks that support the enclosures, both roofs and facades, with the aim of forming all the necessary elements for the structure of the building.

It must be taken into account that the racks have to support their own weight and the loads of the goods, but we must also consider the following factors:

  • The force of the wind.
  • The thrust of the stacker cranes
  • Seismic movements, as well as snow on the roof when adverse meteorological phenomena occur.
  • In the area where the racking is built, it is necessary to apply the seismic coefficient.


Characteristics of self-supporting warehouses


Advantages of clad-rack warehouses


Applications of clad-rack warehouses to improve logistics

Clad-rack warehouses are a good option for cases where more storage space is required, without a large investment.

Although clad-rack warehouse solutions are ideal for many types of warehouses due to their versatility, they are ideal for the following applications;

For those warehouses whose planned height is above 12 metres.
If the warehouse construction is less than 12 metres, but its use is temporary or provisional.
When we are looking for maximum optimisation of storage space.

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