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Health and safety

Industrial metal racking systems store a large amount of weight in the height so that the safety of this equipment is critical.

Not only goods can be damaged, but also persons, being therefore the responsibilities of the highest level.

Safety begins counting with correct starting data and applying the appropriate rules and design criteria.

From the legislative point of view is taken, following references have to be taken into account (in Spain):

  • Royal Decree RD 1215/1997 of July 18th, by which are set the the minimum health and safety requirements on working equipments to be used by workers, and
  • NTP 852 storage in racking equipment, published by the Spanish National Health and Safety Institute, where safety conditions for the storage on racking equipment are collected together.

Noega Systems’ expert staff can advise on the safety accessories you have to incorporate in your storage system such as protections or metal mesh.

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